Mardi Gras Arrests

Here are the top 5 ways to get arrested at Mardi Gras in New Orleans:

  1. Doing Drugs in Public

One of the easiest ways to have your Mardi Gras ruined is to light up a joint in front of a police officer. This is an easy arrest for the police and his testimony “I saw you smoking a joint on the parade route” is enough to convict you.

  1. Public Nudity

Breasts for beads are a pretty common occurrence in the French Quarter. That being said, there is zero tolerance for public nudity for men. And public nudity for women is not acceptable along the uptown parade route. 

  1. Jumping On A Parade Float

Yes, people do this. Yes, they go to jail. Yes, they are convicted. Yes, they get relatively long sentences. While not jumping on a float may seem obvious to anyone who is sober, you would be amazed at what a good idea this seems like when you are inebriated.

  1. Public Urination

Bathrooms are in short supply along the uptown parade and along Bourbon St. in the French Quarter. That however does not mean you should whip it out and urinate on someone’s front lawn. 

  1. Mouthing Off To A Cop

If a cop tells you to do something during Mardi Gras, he is trying to make your life easy. You may not understand his reasoning. Whatever. Just do what he says. The cops in New Orleans are on 12 hour shifts for 12 days straight, their patience is wearing thin and there’s nothing more satisfying than running in a young drunk punk who gives a bunch of back talk to law enforcement.

Find a Lawyer in New Orleans for Mardi Gras Arrests

Were you arrested in New Orleans while visiting Mardi Gras? You should immediately seek legal counsel in New Orleans for help getting out of jail and resolving your case.

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