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As a former prosecutor, Jeff Hufft has seen and tried every crime that commonly occurs in New Orleans.  He knows that every crime is defendable and is prepared to take any case to trial and zealously fight for your rights.

Preferred lawyer of Tulane & Loyola Students

Attorney Jeff Hufft has the skills and experience to get Tulane and Loyola students out of jail quickly, dispose of the charges, and assist with all the student conduct administrative hearings associated with a pending criminal investigation.

Proven Success with Federal Wildlife Crimes

Louisiana is known as the Sportsman’s Paradise, but with that comes serious penalties for violating the Federal Wildlife laws.  Whether you caught too many fish or killed too many ducks you could find yourself on what Federal Assistant US Attorney’s refer to as the “Duck Docket” where you can lose your rights to hunt and fish or even forfeit your guns, boats, and ATV’s.  Jeff Hufft has had proven success in defending State and Federal charges and is one of South Louisiana’s most respected Wildlife and Fisheries Lawyer.

If you have been arrested in Orleans Parish, Jefferson Parish, Plaquemines Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Tammany Parish, Washington Parish, or St. Charles Parish – it is a good idea to hire a competent criminal defense attorney with experience on both sides of the courtroom.  

Jeff Hufft is available after normal business hours and your initial consultation is always free. If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in New Orleans or the surrounding area, don’t wait. 

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