College Student Arrests

Attorneys for College Students in New Orleans

The consequences for college students accused of a crime can be more complicated. In addition to fighting the criminal charges in the courtroom, the student might also face a disciplinary action at the college or university even if the crime did not occur on campus. Even if the criminal charges are ultimately dropped, the student can be expelled and the disciplinary record can follow the student throughout educational pursuits.

Finding a Lawyer for College Students Accused of a Crime

Criminal defense attorney, Jeff Hufft in New Orleans, LA represent students accused of committing a crime on campus or in any building or property owned or controlled by the college or university, student residences, dormitories or other residential facilities for students on campus.

Colleges and universities in New Orleans whose students are served by attorney Jeff Hufft include:

  • Tulane University of Louisiana
  • Loyola University of New Orleans
  • University of New Orleans 

Attorney for Graduate Students in New Orleans

The impact of a criminal accusation can be particularly harmful to graduate students who have devoted significant time and energy pursuing their chosen profession. Call our office today to speak with an attorney about how the accusation might impact your education and how to fight the charges. Students interested in the health care profession, education, the law, the military or law enforcement may be particular affected, including: 

  • Law School Students
  • Med School Students
  • Nursing School Students
  • Business School Students

  • Pharmacy School Students
  • Dental School Students
  • Veterinary School Students
  • PhD Students

Tulane and Loyola Student Conduct Disciplinary Hearings

Students facing an impending disciplinary hearing are undoubtedly concerned about the future of their academic career. An experienced New Orleans defense attorney can combat the charges you face and set your mind at ease. Attorney Jeff Hufft has represented students at Tulane University, Loyola University, and other local institutions of higher learning in both the criminal side and disciplinary hearing aspects of their case.

Investigations take place when a major transgression of University rules may have occurred, matters involving discrimination against a protected class, and matters that may result in expulsion, suspension, or revocation of a degree or recognition of a group.

When a situation comes to the attention of the Director of Student Conduct, they will determine if the situation should be handled by the individual student conduct process or the organizational conduct process. To determine where a situation involving the individual student conduct process travels from initial notice, the Director of Student Conduct may consult with the Title IX Coordinator and/or the Office of Institutional Equity. The process is similar when the organizational conduct process will be initiated; however, in these matters, the Director of Student Conduct may consult with the Title IX Coordinator, the Office of Institutional Equity, and/or the Assistant Vice President for Campus Life.

The Director will assign the investigation to an investigator and request a procedural review with the respondent(s) and complainant(s), both of whom will be provided with a written statement regarding their rights and explaining the investigation process.

The Student Conduct Officer will review the complaint with the respondent and, when applicable, the complainant. The respondent and complainant will have the opportunity to respond to or supplement the complaint, as well as have an opportunity to present witnesses and evidence. The conduce officer will determine whether the respondent is responsible and, if responsible, issue an appropriate sanction. The results of the Administrative Hearing may be appealed to the Appeals Board pursuant to the Code of Student Conduct. During the Administrative Hearing, if the conduct officer receives information not previously known to the Student Conduct Administrator that may warrant expulsion, suspension, or revocation of admission and/or degree, the conduct officer will refer the case back to the Student Conduct Administrator.

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Attorney for Hazing Arrests in New Orleans

Were you recently arrested or are you under investigation for an alleged hazing offense at Tulane University or Loyola University? Having a hazing accusation could cause problems with local authorities and could jeopardize an individual’s academic status at schools like Tulane University and Loyola University.

Contact Attorney Jeff Hufft as soon as possible for more information on how to fight hazing accusations. New Orleans criminal defense lawyer Jeff Hufft defends college students in New Orleans.

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