Federal Crimes

Federal crimes can be divided into the following categories:

Federal Sex Crimes

Sexually motivated crimes and crimes involving children are treated especially seriously by federal agencies. Common federal sex offenses include the following offenses:

Child pornography,

Sex trafficking,

Aggravated sexual abuse, and

Sexual abuse of a minor or ward.

Federal Drug Crimes

Many drug offenses may also be investigated and prosecuted as federal crimes. Common federal drug crimes include the following offenses:

Drug trafficking,

Drug importation, and

Drug exportation.

Federal White Collar Crimes

Generally, when an individual thinks of white collar crimes he or she thinks of federal white collar crimes. Common federal white collar crimes include the following offenses:

Insider trading,

Securities fraud,

Computer or internet fraud,

Tax evasion, or

Credit card fraud.

Federal Weapons Crimes

Due to the high number of violent crimes in the United States each year, the federal government has cracked down on the enforcement of firearm and weapon statutes. Common federal firearm and weapons offenses include the following:

Possession of a prohibited firearm,

Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, and

Commercial robbery.

Federal Wildlife Crimes “Duck Docket”

Hunters and fishermen can be hit with severe fines, possible prison times, and even forfeiture of fishing boats, guns, and other personal items.  Common Federal Wildlife crimes include:

Hunting violations

Fishing violations

Illegal exportation of animals

Lacey Act of 1900

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Federal criminal investigations are generally commenced in one of two ways:

The appropriate agency receives credible information from one or multiple persons that criminal activity has occurred; or

The appropriate agency performs a sting operation or an operation designed to catch an individual committing a criminal offense.

It is important to understand federal investigators are highly trained and sophisticated. Upon notifying an individual that he or she is under federal investigation, the officer or agent will advise the individual to consult an attorney immediately. An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer will skillfully communicate with federal agencies and navigate all the formalities in a federal criminal case.

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